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Flavor Of The Weak Chords

Song: Flavor of the Weak
By:   American Hi-Fi

Since nobody else seems to have heard of this song, I tried to figure it out.
Even though it appears that the song is played in the key of C, I tabbed it in the key of E.
That way you can play the open sixth string while you strum the chords to the verse;
but only if you want to.  Listen to the song to hear the correct amount of times each chord needs to be played.
Send corrections to -- Amos

  E5    B5(or)   C#m5  A5

I have no idea what the intro is.
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Verse 1:
	E5	       B5	           C#m5
	She paints her nails and she don't know
		     A5			E5
	He's got her best friend on the phone
			B5		C#m5
	She'll wash her hair, his dirty clothes
	    A5		    C#m5
	Are all he gives to her
		     E5		     B5
	And he's got pictures on the wall
	Of all the girls he wishes she was
	A5	     B5		   E5
	And he means everything to her

Verse 2:
	It's Friday night and she's all alone
	And he's a million miles away
	She's dressed to kill and the T.V.'s on
	He's connected to the sound
	And she has pictures on the wall
	Of all the girls he's loved before
	And she knows all her favorite songs.---Chorus

	Her boyfriend
	He don't know
	About her,He's_
	E5	    B5
	Too stoned, Nintendo
	C#m5	    A5		     E5	B5
	I wish that I could make her see
	C#m5	       A5	     E5
	She's just the flavor of the weak.

The last parts of the song are fingerpicked after the Instrumental Bridge.
I wish I knew the Instrumental Bridge and the Intro, but I don't, so too bad.