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Why Worry Chords

This should be correct. standard tuning. Capo on 1st fret. 

(D)                         (A)
i worry .. i wonder all the time .. why worry

its killing me, forget about it ..   

(D)                              (A)
  i whisper .. remember what she did .. dont miss her

set me free .. she wont allow it  

(G)                       (D)
angry and gone .. and the list goes on and on

if its love i will differ ... im being lost being with her

(D)      (G)               
  I .... cant move on, i cant take it. 
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(Bm)        (A)
  She .... she says we wont ma-a-ake it now

(next part of song should be the same as above)

(G)                       (D)
 I.. dont know .. but you did, but you did, but you did

(G)                        (D)
 please dont go.. now my feelings for you, they're now lost 

cause we're through anymore

I'll write you...   i'll call you ..

(G)       (D)   (A)     (G)
Now ....

(D)                   (A)                        (G)
being lost being with her, being lost being with her, being lost

Thats it. everything else should just repeat itself.