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Time Stands Still Chords

Think this is a different one!! but its cool

Normal tuning (EADGBE)

Intro: C G F

C    G   Am   F
Him and her
C    G   Am   F
Life is turned
C           G             F   
The day I knew you would leave
Am      G     F
I can barely breathe
C               G
Can you hear me scream?

[ Tab from: ]
C  G   Am    F
Ooh thrown in all directions
C  G   Am    F 
Ooh epitome of perfection
C  G   Am               F
She's lost her will (she's lost her will)
C    G              Am
Time is standing still

(same as vers)
Walks her home      
Now he walks a-lone    
The days, they turn into years  
The eyes, they drown in tears
Can you hear me scream?

::Repeat Chorus::

   Am               C 
The way we are, the way we were
It's just a shadow of what's wrong
  Am                  C 
The time with you, the time is stirred
I love you for so long
  Am                   C
The hearts, they turn, they turn away
 She says to go please don't you cry
  Am        C                      F     
Love lost is found, night turns to day

::Repeat Chorus:: (2x)