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Time Stands Still Chords

Hey all...yeah the chords I've been seeing for this song just don't sound right when
played, so I figured I'd help everyone else out here. And just to make sure, I went
through playing this while the song was playing at the same time and it all works out
so if this isn't completely right, it's pretty close. Have fun!

Normal tuning (EADGBE)

Chords used:
C      x32010
G      320033
Fmaj7  xx3210
Emi    022000
Ami    x02210

Intro: C  G  Fmaj7 (4x)

C    G  Fmaj7
Him and her
C    G   Fmaj7
Life is turned
    C     G              Fmaj7
The day I knew you would leave
C     C      Fmaj7
I can barely breathe
C       G
Can you hear me scream?

C G Fmaj7
Ooh thrown in all directions
C G Fmaj7
Ooh epitome of perfection
C     G        Fmaj7
She's lost her will (she's lost her will)
C        G         Fmaj7
Time is standing still

[ Tab from: ]
C     G   Fmaj7
Walks her home
       C     G Fmaj7
Now he walks a-lone
    C          G         Fmaj7
The days, they turn into years
    C          G        Fmaj7
The eyes, they drown in tears
C       G
Can you hear me scream?

::Repeat Chorus::

    Emi             Fmaj7
The way we are, the way we were
C            G
 It's just a shadow of what's wrong
    Emi                Fmaj7
The time with you, the time is stirred
I love you for so long
    Emi                     Fmaj7
The hearts, they turn, they turn away
C            G                   Ami
 She says to go please don't you cry
                          G        Fmaj7
Love lost is found, night turns to day

::Repeat Chorus:: (2x)

C G Fmaj7
C G Fmaj7
C G Fmaj7
C         G        Fmaj7
Time is standing still