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The Cigarette Song Chords

Would someone please give me a chords of THE CIGARETTE SONG by ALL AMERICAN REJECTS??
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Jaded (this years) - Mest

D C E G    
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D                       C
there's a time and place for everything
there's a reason why certain people meet
theres a destination for everyone
D                         E
whats the explanation when we're done?
all the summer nights spent wondering
G                            D
so many questions asked,but no ones answering
C                  E  
would it be ok if i left today?
E                                     G
took my chances on what you said was wrong....
C     G             E
i'm jaded stupid and wrekless not sorry         
E                     D
i'll never regret these years, spent so faded     
C        G                                 E
and wrekless  not sorry and i'll never regret these years  
E                       D
i'll never regret these years  

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