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97 Bass Tab

g ----------------------------------------|
d ---0-222-4444-6666-777-0-000-2^--(9)----|[sometimes here you might wanna slide the last 2
a ----------------------------------------|down to 9 on the d string].
e ----------------------------------------|

g ----------------------------------------------|
d ---------9h11p9-76h7p6--------6-------4-------|
a ---7777-------------------4444-44-2222-22-----|
e ----------------------------------------------|

break type rift.
g ---------------------------------------------------------------------|
d ---------------------------------------------------------------------|
a -------------------------77776666------------------------------------|
e ---55555555555555-77777-----------222222222222222-444444445555555----|
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[you gotta mess around here and basically play the above break rift and then add this bit
in, here and there.]
g ---------------------------|
d ---------------------------|
a ---------------7777-6666---|
e ---7777-9999---------------|

bass 'solo'.
g ------------------------------------------------------------|
d ------------------------------------------------------------|[you wanna just this 7 like a tiny
a ---77777777-4444-222222---00000000-7-4444-222222------------|tiny fill really keep the flow of
e ------------------------------------------------------------|the rift.]

g ------------------------------------------------------------|
d ----------------------------------7-------------------------|[and here again this 7.]
a ---77777777-4444-222222------------4444-222222--------------|
e --------------------------00000000--------------------------|

you can fool around with the bass solo and draw your own lines from it, i play it this
way though and it sounds awesome to me. thanks to Alkaline Trio for being the... best 

...AnotherInnocentKid [a.k.a. tsunami bomb].