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Its Five Oclock Somewhere Chords

                      Itís Five OíClock Somewhere


Standard Tuning Ė Chord  D*= 020032   Tabbed by: Mike Wilson

G		   C                          D	
The sun is hot, and that old clock is moving slow. 
And so am I
G                   C                       D
The work day passes slower than molasses in wintertime
But itís July
C                                D
Iím getting paid by the hour and older by the minute
C                       D
The boss just pushed me over the limit
C                    D
Iíd like to call him something
C                 D          G
I think Iíll just call it a day
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G                                  C                   D
Pour me something tall and strong. Make it a hurricane before I go insane
G                            C           D                
Itís only half past twelve   But I donít care
D                 G          
Itís five oíclock somewhere
G                   C                 D
This lunch break is going to take all afternoon
And half the night
G                C                  D
Tomorrow morning I know thereíll be hell to pay 
Hey but thatís all right
C                           D
I havenít had a day off now in over a year
C                    D		
My Jamaican vacation starts right here
If the phones for me 
D                               G
You can tell them I just sailed away

Chorus Repeat
C                      D                        C                      G
I could pay up my tab. Pour myself in a cab and be back to work before two.
C                      D
At a moment like this, I canít help but wonder
C                        G
What would Jimmy Buffet do.   (I think he'd say....)

Chorus Repeat (and some general beach banter)