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Innocent Chords

Alamoth, Innocent.
Tabbed by John,
G        D           Bm                Em
whiped you brace yourself for another blow
G        D           Bm                Em
spat on and condemed to the tree
thorns on your head
walkin down the street
        Bm                        Em
to the place where you'll be nailed
         Am                       C
surrounded by the ones that hailed you
[ Tab from: ]
G        C                  D                
But your innocent nailed to the cross denied by the 
ones you love
G         C           D                 C
But your innocent put between two theives
Am        C           D                      C
But we're the ones that nailed you to the cross
Am        C           D                  C
Should have been us on that cross of agony

This is an awesome song produced by a great christian band ALAMOTH. try it out
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