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Just Like Anyone/Aimee Mann

D  G       Bm    G            D
So maybe I wasn't that good a friend
    G               D  Dmaj7/C#   Bm
But you were one of us and I will wonder
Just like anyone if there was something 
G               D    G Em    F#m
else I could've done
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D  G          Bm        G            D
So maybe it's true that your cry for help 
    G           D        Dmaj7/C# Bm
Was oh, so very faint but still I heard 
    G                  D
And knew something was wrong
   Dmaj7/C#   G        F#m            Em    
Just nothing you could put your finger on
    F#m Bm      
and I will wonder 
G            D  Dmaj7/C#  Bm
Just like anyone
G            D
Just like anyone