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chords used:
  C    G    F    Am
e|x  e|3  e|x  e|x
b|1  b|3  b|1  b|1
G|0  G|0  G|2  G|2
d|2  d|0  d|3  d|2
a|3  a|2  a|x  a|x
e|x  e|3  e|x  e|x

C, G, C, G, F, G, F, G, F, Am, F, Am, C, G, C
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C                                           G                               
I'm the disco fucker of the new generation. I'm in line with the active 
                    F                                       C
invention. Here's a fist to forward your fucking evolution. Head full of
ten o' clock education. Military action give me justice and american
G                                                 F
solution. It's the head line of the baby in arms. Hand to hand darkness
that shuts the curtain on this weeks call to arms. 

F(pm)   C(pm)   G(pm)   Am(pm)
        F                                             C
Running runway operations, turning the machine, it's another vote of 
confidence to booming world war economy. Television ethic of crisis on
demand. This is advancement, this is entertainment. 

       C                                 G                                
Was it Iraq, or Kosovo, Korea, or Japan, Panama, Vietnam, Great Britain of 
the father land. Can you hear their dream at night falling in the sky.
C                                                    C
Marching with god, throwing stones across the ocean. It's this week's topic
of discussion, a headline of the past. It won't make an impact unless it's 
fucking armageddon. Nine shots to the head my god I'm still fucking 
breathing. Coming at you live on TV