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Mr Bake O Chords

standard tuning
tabbed by:a crazy teenage rock n roll fan

Ok, i am just guessing on the lyrics, if you know the correct words, write them down.
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A5                      E5
im sitting in my chair, watching the tv
A5                                E5
its not even on but theres plenty for me to see
C5              D5
i just lit some crazy ass shit
C5                                 D5
that my friend overnight mailed to me
A5                C5               D5
im fucking wasted
                         A5       C5       D5
its the best shit i ever tasted
                     A5           C5       D5
i think they fucking laced it
                      A5          C5       D5
cause im so damn lamb basted
well spent the last two hours
hiding under my bed
cause i looked in the garbage can and
i think i saw my uncle louie's head
C5   A5
im fucking wasted

That should do it. the same chords are played throughout each verse. they are just your
standard power chords

E5: 022xxx

A5: 577xxx

C5: 799xxx

D5: 91010xxx

Im not so sure of the lyrics but if you know the song you could probably figure it out.
Please comment because this is my first time tabbing and i want to know if i am doing this right.