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Wait Or Go Chords

Song:Wait or go
Band:6 Cycle mind
Album:Permission to shine

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I've been hopeless
F                C        
Waiting here in my door
From the top of my head
  C                 F
Down to this narrow floor
       Em        Am
I've been so awake
       Em        Am
I've been so afraid
       Em       F
To know…to know
*tell me what to do
                     F                 C
I don’t, why i’m hopeless in this show
 C                                    F
Tell me it doesn’t hurt, if i’ll find out
That i’m alone
      F           Em              Am
*2coz i’ve been waiting for so long
              Em           F
Do i need to wait here or go
          C   F      C    F 
*3wait or go…wait or go

(repeat *2)
(repeat *)
  Em                         Am
Tell me what to do why i’m hopeless 3x
        C   F        C   F
Wait or go…wait or go 2x

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