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Away From The Sun Tab

Artist:          3 Doors Down
Title :          Away From The Sun
Album :          Away From The Sun
Transcribed by:  Shaun Barnes
Email:           Shaunie914@aol.com

Intro and Verse

e ---------------------------------------------------------------------0----
B ----1-----1-----1----1-----0h1---1-----1-----1-----1----1-----0h1---------
G ------2-----2----------0-------0---------0-----0----------0-------0-------
D --3-----3-----3----2-----2-----------------2-----2----------2-------------
A -------------------------------------3----------------2-------------------
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------
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e --------------------------------------------------------------------------
B ----1-----1-----1----1-----0h1---1----3---1---0--------3---1---0----------
G ------2-----2----------0-------0--------0---0---0--------0---0---0--------
D --3-----3-----3----2-----2------------------------0----------------0------
A --------------------------------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------3----------------3--------------------

Here is the finger positioning I use to pick this song.  Just listen to the 
song and you'll figure it out.  I don't know the names of some of the chords
but I found that holding these is easiest for me to play the song. 

C  x32010